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What does an apprenticeship in hospitality look like?

What is an apprenticeship? When most people think of this question, many will think of the construction industry, or a trade. While these areas rely heavily on the apprenticeship system, a number of other industries also use on the job training as the starting point for a career.

One of the other main industries which use this training method is the hospitality industry, with many workers in this area relying on an apprenticeship program to get their foot in the door.

Chefs in particular will often get their start in the industry as apprentices, with the same mix of on the job experience and study that a trade-based apprenticeship would involve. Bakers and pastry chefs will also require on the job training and classroom study, due to the highly skilled nature of their work.

All three of these positions are currently experiencing a skills shortage in Australia, with not enough practitioners to meet demand for their services.

Even if you are interested in a different career in hospitality, it can be worth considering your education options. Bartenders and front of house staff can also benefit from a certification to complement their work experience.

So what does an apprenticeship in the hospitality industry involve?

Like all apprenticeships, you will be required to complete a set of course work on top of your employment. These careers will involve the completion of a certificate corresponding to the skills needed for your job. Normally this will involve reaching a level three certificate in your chosen area, for example in patisserie.

At the same time as you complete your studies, you will need to work in a suitable environment for your future career. Supplementing your studies with on the job experience will round out your apprenticeship experience and give your studies greater context.

The specific work volume will vary based on your chosen apprenticeship route – someone studying to be a chef specialising in Asian food will have very different work experience to a patisserie chef.

What’s the next step?

If an apprenticeship in the hospitality industry sounds like the right career path for you, it is worth consulting with an apprenticeship service which can help you find the right career. They will have the experience necessary to make sure you start your career on the best possible footing and have the skills necessary for a long career in the industry.

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