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What to ask your apprentice in an interview

When hiring an apprentice, a job interview will certainly be part of your recruitment process, and rightly so – an interview is a great way to learn more about potential new recruits to your business.

These can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on your approach, so it will be important to know that you have a strong pool of candidates to avoid wasting large amounts of time on the wrong ones.

To help make the process of finding and apprentice or trainee more fruitful, Apprenticeship Central is able to help find the right candidates. With our simple registration process, you will have a strong list of jobseekers ready to meet and discuss how they can help take your business further.

With our search tool set for your industry and location, it is easy to find a shortlist of people ready to show you why they want to become an apprentice or trainee. Once you have done so, it’s time to arrange some job interviews.

So what should you ask hopeful employees to really learn something about them? Here are some ideas:

Why do you want to start an apprenticeship?

It may sound simple, but clear and probing questions are a great way to make sure your interview process ticks along nicely. This question also allows candidates to tell you a little about their reasons for starting and their inspiration for your industry. You’ll also be able to gauge whether they are suitable for a role within your company.

Tell me something in your life you are proudest of

A question a little from left field will test a candidate’s ability to think on the spot. While this may not be essential, and nerves can certainly play a part, this is a great way to challenge an interviewee if you are looking for sharp and resourceful minds.

As many apprentices will have a lack of professional experience, a question like this will allow them to choose something impressive from their personal life as an example.

Where do you see yourself in a year/three/five years’ time?

Depending on the length of the apprenticeship you are offering, asking this question will help you to learn about a candidate’s ambition and plans for the future. A simple question can help you to discover whether you will have a long-term employee or someone to help your business in the short term.

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