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Queensland leads the country in job creation

The state has recorded the highest employment growth rates in the country, with opportunities increasing considerably in the last year. The ABS figures showed that 65,000 jobs have been created in Queensland in the last year.

This accounts for roughly 65 per cent of the total jobs created across Australia, suggesting that Queenslanders are enjoying greater opportunities than the other states and territories.

Strong growth will be good news for both job seekers and apprentices in Queensland who are looking for opportunities within the state, with some industries recording stronger greater expansion than others.

According to the ABS, some industries have accounted for greater increases in employment. The electric, gas and water, manufacturing and mining sectors are all seeing improvements, while construction work has also increased slightly.

State Treasurer Tim Nicholls pointed to the long term increase in opportunities within Queensland.

“More than half of all jobs created in the last 12 months, on both trend and seasonally adjusted measures, were created right here in Queensland,” said Mr Nicholls.

“Queensland was also the only mainland Australian state to record positive growth in trend workforce participation over the 12 months to June 2014.”

The state has been experiencing continued good career opportunities, according to Mr Nicholls, with these latest results the 14th straight month of employment gains in Queensland.

Although these trends have been growing for some time, there has been a notable increase in recent months. In June alone, nearly 6,000 jobs were added within the state, which is positive news for those still looking for work.

Within Queensland, some areas have seen greater growth than others, with the Sunshine Coast recording the greatest employment increase in May of any area within the state.

Part of this expansion is coming from new health facilities, like the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital in Kawana. These major projects have helped to boost employment in regions like the Sunshine Coast.

These trends will likely continue in the future, with new mining and construction work likely to unlock future employment in the state. As these projects develop, they will ensure high demand for apprenticeship skills.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator

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