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The Glennie School sets the pace in school-based traineeships

The Glennie School in Toowoomba is leading the way in supporting Year 11 and 12 students in securing school-based traineeships and giving them a bright start for the future.

While many senior students have taken up the opportunity to seek traineeships and apprenticeships with locally based businesses, the private Anglican school for girls is also recruiting students to take up positions within the school with support from BUSY At Work.

BUSY At Work Senior Industry Training Consultant Toowoomba region, Mark Stevens said the school had appointed eight senior students as trainees to work in a number of different departments within the school.

“We have developed an excellent working relationship with the school during the past five years with many trainees and apprentices being signed up through BUSY At Work.”

“We are very supportive of The Glennie School in offering traineeships at the school and are delighted that we have been able to provide them relevant information about traineeships and what funding is available through Federal government incentives,” Mr Stevens said.

The Glennie School VET Coordinator, Belinda Paul said employing their own students at the school was a win-win situation for both the student and the school.

“As a school we need staff to fulfill roles and many of these roles can be done by students. Not only can we develop capable staff but many of the students who take up the traineeships are able to complete their certificates while at school and have it included on their school leaving certificate.”

“With the added government incentives we get as an employer, we are able to use this funding to ensure we can employ the right students to fulfill jobs at the school. It really works well for us as an employer and the girls are getting valuable experience to assist them in their future career pathway,” Mrs Paul said.

Ms Paul said the eight students currently employed at the school were undertaking traineeships in areas as varied as sport and recreation, screen and media, administration and childcare.

“As we are starting to see more benefits for both the students and the school, we are now looking at other areas within the school such as grounds maintenance (horticulture) and painting where we can potentially employ more students,” Mrs Paul added.

One student who recently signed up as an Administration Trainee through BUSY At Work is Year 12 student Bree Coleman.

Bree said she was excited to be given the opportunity to both study and work in a field she was passionate about.

“I’ve always wanted to go into administration as a career pathway and this traineeship will give me a better chance of obtaining a full time position when I leave school.”

“I get to do a whole variety of tasks within different areas of the school and I’m really enjoying the work I am doing,” Bree said.
BUSY At Work, CEO Paul Miles said BUSY was pleased to support The Glennie School who understood the value of traineeships and apprenticeships in providing rewarding careers for their students.

“BUSY At Work has always played a key role in growing traineeships and apprenticeships right across Australia and we are delighted that The Glennie School is providing career opportunities for their students.”

“BUSY At Work appreciates the support The Glennie School provides by trusting us to deliver on all their traineeship and apprenticeship needs,” Mr Miles said.

More than 40 Glennie School students are currently undertaking traineeships and apprenticeships with the majority of these signed up through BUSY At Work.


MEDIA CONTACT: Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator
0438 173 960

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