Our goal at Your Career Connections is to provide you with the information and resources you need to ensure that your relationship as apprentice and employer is effective.

We want to assist you to find your potential employee or apprentice, we also want to encourage a productive partnership where the apprentice is retained in the business as a contributing staff member. We believe the more knowledge and skills both parties develop, the more successful the apprenticeship will be.

Resources – Gateway Services

The resources within the Apprenticeship Central website are designed for use by both employer and apprentice or trainee. For employers, the website supplies all the knowledge you need to know when hiring an apprentice or trainee. If you are unsure of your responsibilities as an employer, you will find answers within the resources provided. Advertising for a new vacancy can be time consuming for any employer, so having all the knowledge you need in one place can be very valuable.

For apprentices and trainees, the resources assist with finding and successfully completing the correct qualification for their needs. take the time to read through the materials. The greater understanding that you have regarding apprenticeships and traineeships, the more likely an employer is to consider you as a serious candidate.

THE BUSY GROUP LTD trading as BUSY At Work is a service provider contracted by the Australian Government as represented by the Department of Education and Training to provide support services to prospective and current employers and Australian Apprentices. THE BUSY GROUP LTD is one of a number of Network Providers in Queensland and Western Australia. This website does not represent the Australian Government, if you wish to access information about the Australian Apprenticeships, from the Australian Government you should access the Australian Apprenticeships website.

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