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4 advantages of hiring an apprentice or trainee

The decision to take on an apprentice or a trainee will depend on various factors, but there are many benefits for organisations that commit to the idea.

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However, if you still need some convincing over whether or not an apprentice or trainee is the right move for you, here are some of the key advantages.

1. Fill skills gaps

There are many industries across Australia that are experiencing skills gaps, including construction and the trades. Hiring an apprentice or a trainee means you can be directly involved in training the next generation of workers to fill crucial roles in your talent pipeline.

Furthermore, you can adapt their development to suit your organisation’s specific workplace environment. This could give you an important competitive edge over business rivals.

2. Financial incentives

The Australian government offers trainee and apprentice funding support to eligible businesses that decide to offer placements, which can provide a much-needed financial benefit.

Various incentive programs exist, including schemes for hiring mature-age workers, disabled employees and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Money could also be available to your business if you are trying to combat rural and regional skills shortages.

3. Better staff retention

Businesses that hire apprentices and trainees typically report higher levels of staff retention and job satisfaction, which means you can hold on to your best employees for longer.

If you provide an opportunity to an eager apprentice or trainee, they are likely to pay you back with loyalty and commitment to the role. As some placements last several years, you’ll also build up a solid rapport with the candidate.

4. Flexibility

Your company can access a range of tools and support when hiring an apprentice or trainee. Registered Training Organisations can provide off-the-job training for your applicant, and you can negotiate a suitable time and location to best suit your needs.

Furthermore, there are hundreds of nationally recognised apprentice and trainee qualifications available. This means you can find an ideal candidate across a broad spectrum of requirements, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your business.

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