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Aged care apprenticeships in Queensland

Aged care apprenticeships in Queensland

Australia's ageing population has increased demand for aged care workers.

Australia’s population is aging rapidly, which is increasing the need for aged care workers in Queensland. This is encouraging for those seeking health care apprenticeships in Brisbane and other areas.

The proportion of Australians aged 65 and over is the fastest growing age group, according to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

In 2013, the senior population in Australia increased by 3.7 per cent, compared to just 1.4 per cent growth within the working age category.

This has caused the proportion of Australians aged over 65 to reach 14.4 per cent, up from 11.6 per cent in 1993.

“Over the last 20 years Australia’s median age has crept up; back in 1993 the ‘average Aussie’ was around 33 years old; today, that average Aussie should be starting to worry about grey hairs as they would be around 37,” ABS spokesperson Bjorn Jarvis said in a December 17 media release.

The ageing population is forecast to increase demand on healthcare services around Queensland as more locals head towards retirement.

In response to growing aged care needs, the government has begun to invest in a number of health industry initiatives to ensure Queenslanders have access to the best quality of care.

This commitment includes increased funding of $28 million invested directly in the Hospital in the Home service.

“Hospital in the Home will remain a free, publicly-funded service that many more Queenslanders will now have the choice to be able to access,” Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said in a December 23 media release.

Government investment in such schemes supports employment opportunities in this growing industry as the number of health care roles increases.

Additionally, the ageing population should encourage increased opportunities for those seeking construction apprenticeships in Queensland, as demand for accessible housing grows.

Senior Australians will require new homes that will support them long into retirement to ensure demand does not overwhelm residential care facilities.

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) has also identified that the growing number of Australians will increase the need for residential building approvals.

“The latest data shows Australia’s population has continued to grow at an above average pace and official projections show this is expected to continue. To date there has not been any commensurate boost to the supply of new housing,” HIA Economist Geordan Murray said.

By Leanne Detoerkenczy

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