Brisbane Airport set for expansion

While remote communities in the north of Queensland are currently reaching toward this goal, there are also plans for greater facilities in the south, with Brisbane airport set to expand in the coming years.

The Brisbane Airport Corporation has committed to a planned second runway which will run in parallel to the current landing strip. This will give it the greatest capacity of any airport in Australia and a similar level of service to cities like Singapore and Hong Kong.

The new runway will be 3.3 km long and situated 2 km west of the existing runway, on the other side of the domestic terminal. Preparation work is set to be carried out on the site and completed by 2018, with the finished project open by 2020.

While this new runway is the latest project to reach the commitment stage, there are also a number of other projects forecast for the airport, with new hotels and terminal infrastructure also expected for the facility.

Overall, the Brisbane Airport Corporation has committed $2 billion for new projects over the next 10 years to improve the airport’s facilities and services.

Brisbane Mayor Graham Quirk, pointed to the added value which this project would bring to the region, with Brisbane’s economy set to double in the next 20 years, adding a further 343,000 new jobs.

“Brisbane is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities and its passenger numbers are growing to match. Passenger numbers will more than double from the current 19 million to a staggering 51 million by 2030,” said Mr Quirk.

“Export growth will require increased capacity on freight routes as well as increased air services and better linkages to more international destinations and the airport expansion will play a major role in that.”

New projects an opportunity for apprentices

With the Brisbane Airport Corporation forecasting 2,700 jobs will be created at the peak of construction for this new runway, there will likely be a number of new opportunities for those looking for an apprentice in Brisbane for a field related to construction.

Once the project has been completed there will also be new employment possibilities, as increased facilities and tourist numbers provide further opportunities for those looking for work in a related field. Industries like hospitality can expect to see greater demand for services as tourist numbers grow in the future.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator

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