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School-based apprenticeships ‘have many benefits’

School-based apprenticeships ‘have many benefits’

Apprenticeships help students break into an industry, Bryan says

One of the main benefits of school-based apprenticeships for many students is the fact they can be earning and learning at the same time.

While there is no training cost for taking part, they are paid for their hours worked – giving them a taste of working life.

But for Bryan Dyball, industry training consultant for BUSY At Work, there are far greater advantages for those considering this kind of apprenticeship.

“It’s giving the student potential skills that they are going to use when they come out of school and the whole idea is that they achieve a significant headstart in that industry in some shape or form,” he said.

Bryan added that there is a wide range of apprenticeship funding available, with some students on particular apprenticeships even receiving money for tools and equipment to support their trade.

Furthermore, a school-based apprenticeship provides students with a good basis for understanding how challenging and rewarding the working environment can be.

“There are some very good outcomes,” Bryan continued.

“A lot of the students who have taken part in school-based apprenticeships have gone on to fill leadership roles in the company.”

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