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Using social media to land a job

Using social media to land a job

Twitter is an effective tool for jobseekers and employers.

Social media sites can be a major boon for jobseekers, with a recent survey revealing 90 per cent of employers look to recruit through this digital platform.

A survey by US recruitment firm Jobvite found 90 per cent of employers recruited or were planning to hire new staff through social media sites.

With a similar result found in the UK, the trend is likely to be reflected within the Australian job market.

If you are seeking employment, while it is important to use traditional methods such as internet job sites, social media can expand your opportunities and expose you to a much larger network.

The best forms of social media to assist you with your job hunt are Twitter and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site which is increasingly becoming the preferred recruitment avenue for employers.

To make the most of this LinkedIn, make sure your profile accurately reflects you, your work experience and career goals. Doing this means you will be more likely to come up in a recruiter search.

Twitter is another effective site for both job hunters and recruiters.

To search for a job simply enter a few keywords – such as engineering jobs in Queensland – in the search box.

You can search via Tweets or by people and get in touch with them privately if you want to know further information.

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