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Four tips for guiding young apprentices

Four tips for guiding young apprentices

Help your young apprentice get started on the right foot with these four top tips!

School-based apprenticeships provide many young Australians with valuable experience in a number of environments, helping them to shape their future career path.

If you’ve taken the plunge and decided to take a young apprentice under your wing, then there are a few things that you can do to help ensure you and your new employee get the most out of the experience.

Young workers can become loyal and valuable employees when given the right guidance and apprentice support, so prepare for your new trainee or apprentice with these four tips!

Set expectations and responsibilities

Make sure to lay out your expectations clearly, detailing their responsibilities so they know what needs to be done to move forward in their apprenticeship.

It’s a good idea to prepare documentation, so that you can discuss their responsibilities and help them understand what is expected of them.

Ask your apprentice what their expectations are of you as well, so that you can understand how you will best be able to help them in their experience.

Explain basics of employment

It can be a little scary for young apprentices when they enter the workplace – sometimes for the first time in their life – so try to guide them as best as you can with the basics of employment.

The Fair Work Ombudsman’s Best Practice Guide suggests that you explain basic entitlements to annual leave (if applicable), payment of wages and personal leave, what an employee should do if they can’t come to work, detail and explain your employment policies, and provide them with a contact person they can approach if they have any further queries about their employment.

Meet and greet

Start your school-based apprenticeship on the right foot by making your young employee feel comfortable in the workplace.

Give them a comprehensive tour of your workplace, introducing the apprentice to staff members and explaining job roles and duties.

You might also want to consider holding a meet and greet session with your apprentice and fellow employees to help make your new worker feel part of the team.

Stay updated with progress

Monitor your apprentice’s progress regularly to ensure that they have contributed to their training plan.

Also make sure that time is allocated for training sessions, with variety in their training regime.

Evaluate how the training is progressing, so you know which areas you can provide more help and support in.

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